FAQ Page

General Information

How do I purchase a recreation license online?

Use the map to find a license. You can only purchase one license at a time. You will be required to login and electronically consent to our legally binding terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions stipulate rules and regulations for the license purchased. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be redirected to a third-party payment processor to complete the transaction.

What happens after I purchase a license?

After you purchase a license, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. A summary of your current and past licenses are located under the My Licenses section of your Account.

  • Please print out at least two copies of the license.
  • You should carry a copy of the license on your person, while on the property.
  • The second copy must be clearly displayed in the windshield of your vehicle at all times, while on the property.
  • All members of hunting clubs must also carry a copy of the license on their person, and have a copy displayed in the windshield of their vehicle at all times, while on the property.
  • A map of the Parcel can be viewed and printed from the My Licenses page.

Can I purchase a license in-person or over the phone?

Licenses are only available for purchase through our website. We do not accept orders over the phone.

What should I do if I do not have a computer to purchase a license?

Public computers are available at many libraries. We hope that our customers who are less comfortable with online purchases will utilize a family member, friend, or hunting club member to help them through the process. Future correspondence from Hancock Forest Management regarding recreational licenses will be sent through the email entered during the registration process. 

How do I pay for a license?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express and Discover. We also accept electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a checking account.

We do not accept checks, PayPal, Bitcoins, or other forms of payment through the website system.

Why do you need my contact information?

The lands you license to recreate on are primarily used for commercial timber or farming operations. We need to alert you when commercial activities affect your use of our land, or in the event of an emergency, such as a wildfire. 

What happens to my personal information when I buy a license?

Please review our Privacy Policy to understand how we use your information. We will never sell or provide your personal information to a 3rd party without your consent. By creating an account on our website, you consent to our Privacy Policy.

What happens if I do not abide by the terms and conditions of the license?

In order to maintain the ability of using our private property for recreational access, you must abide by all terms and conditions as well as local and State laws, which are strictly enforced. If we determine you have violated any clause under the terms and conditions of a license, your license will be revoked for the remainder of license term, without a refund. We also reserve the right to terminate your account permanently.

Do I need to give a list of my hunting club members to HNRG?

Yes, every hunting club member who will be present on license premises in a given year must appear on your members list which is located under the members tab on the MY ACCOUNT page. Please keep your members list up-to-date and make sure each member carries a copy of your membership card (printable from your MY LICENSES tab), filled out with the member's name, with them and displays a copy on the dashboard of their vehicle while on license premises.

What is two-factor authentication and how does it work?

Two-factor authentication is an authentication method in which two or more pieces of identification are required in order to grant access to a given computer system. Hancock Natural Resource Group provides two-factor authentication as an option for customers who want a greater level of security for their recreation license account through www.hanockrecreation.com. Two-Factor authentication is optional and only recommended for experienced users; only opt into two-factor authentication if you fit this criteria. The video link below provides instructions for setting up two-factor authentication.




How do I create a password the system will accept?

In order to provide the highest level of security for our customer accounts Hancock Natural Resource Group recently increased the password creation requirements. The new restrictions are below:


1. Password must contain at least 4 types of characters from the following character types: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits, punctuation.

2. Password length must be at least 8 characters.

3. Password maximum length must be less than 64 characters

4. Password must not include repeated or sequential numbers or letters

5. Password must not include dictionary words


An example of an acceptable password would be Fi$hFi$h1 which meets all password security criteria. The key is to use a word or phrase that can be easily remembered and replace letters with numbers and punctuation as shown above to meet the criteria. 


How does bidding work?

  • Anyone can view the details of available licenses.
  • Only registered users can bid on licenses.
  • You may submit a bid for the amount you are willing to pay for the license, provided you exceed the minimum bid amount on a given license.
  • You can submit bids up-until the bid close date, at which time bidding is then closed, or in the case of an open bidding period until the administrator has closed the bidding manually.
  • We will review the bids submitted.
  • You will receive an email regarding your bid, whether you win or lose, once the bidding process has closed.
  • We will never disclose any bid information, including the high-bid. We reserve the right to reject all bids.

Safety and Security

What restrictions are there around hunting?

You must abide by all local and State laws pertaining to hunting. Before purchasing the license, you will accept the terms and conditions, which will list any additional restrictions specific to the license you are purchasing.

Can I use a climbing deer stand on my license?

We do not restrict the type of hunting stand you can use, but hunters may not damage the trees they are climbing. Spikes are not allowed to be placed in trees. Hunters should ALWAYS use a safety harness when climbing and sitting in elevated stands.

Can I have a shooting range on my recreation license?

No dedicated shooting range is to be maintained on the Timberland – members and guests may have an area to sight in firearms on an incidental basis, but no other shooting activities may take place in such area, including but not limited to activities such as target practice, plinking, or shooting contests. 

Recreation License Add-ons

What is a campsite?

A campsite is an area selected by a licensee, and approved by Hancock Forest Management, within a given hunting license where temporary structures may be placed either seasonally, for free, or year-round for a fee. (For Northwest customers please see the terms and conditions of your permit regarding camping)

What is a structure?

A structure is any temporary building within a campsite that is used for the benefit of hunting club members including, but not limited to, recreational vehicles, tents, covered or enclosed storage areas, lean-tos, and buildings related to the storing, harvesting, or butchering of any harvested animals. Structures must be maintained in good working and visual order, including current registration on vehicles, and must be able to be removed immediately if notice is given to vacate. Structures must be free-standing and not have posts inserted into the ground, and may not be attached to trees in any way, shape, or form. (For Northwest customers please see the terms and conditions of your permit regarding camping)

Does it cost extra to have a campsite and structures?

Yes, both campsites and structures are considered add-ons to your recreation license and each come with a cost. Campsites are charged at a rate of $400 per campsite per year, regardless of whether they are used seasonally or year-round. Structures are charged at a rate of $300 per structure per year for structures that remain within a given campsite after April 30. Structures that are in place seasonally (September 1st to April 30th) are not charged a structure fee provided they are removed by the first day of May. 

If I have a recreation vehicle and a deck attached to it, or a cover/awning over it, how is that charged?

You would be charged one structure fee for the recreational vehicle, and one structure fee per attached item. For example, an RV with a porch and a covering over it would be charged as three total structures. Further, campsites and structures that exceed the maximum individual size limit listed in the campsite restrictions and regulations will be charged as two, or more, campsites or structures.

How do I pay for my campsite and structure fees?

Once you have selected the number of campsites and structures that are, or will be, located on your recreation license from the add-on menu (during the bidding or license now process) they will be included with the total license cost in the total amount due.

Is there a limit to how many campsites I can have on a given license?

The number of campsites on a given license is capped at 10, but remember that each campsite must be approved by Hancock Forest Management. These approvals will be based on the proposed location of the campsite as well as the size of the overall license.

Can I build a permanent structure in my campsite or on my license?

No, permanent structures may not be built or moved onto the property under any circumstances. This includes mobile homes, manufactured homes or prefabricated temporary buildings, or other constructed camps. Further, no structure may be used for permanent or semi-permanent residence. 

Do I need to acquire my own insurance to cover my campsite and structures?

The landowner shall not be responsible for any loss, claim, or damage to licensee’s improvements or personal property. If you as the licensee feels the need to acquire casualty insurance to cover personal property or improvements you may do so at your expense provided the landowner is named as an additional insured and that a copy of the certificate of insurance is provided to the owner. 

Am I allowed to cut firewood on my license premises for use in my campsite?

No, firewood cutting is strictly prohibited on license premises. However, you may use residual materials from timber harvesting for campfire wood on the license premises. At no time may firewood be removed from the license premises. Further, no outside firewood may be brought onto the license premises in order to prevent disease and pest transmission to timber operations.

Am I allowed to run utilities (power, water, and sewer) to my campsite?

Any utility service requiring the granting of a right-of-way is prohibited. Electrical power may be run, at the licensees expense, provided no right-of-way is required and it has been approved by both the power company and Hancock Forest Management. The running of water and sewer utilities to campsites is strictly prohibited. Further, no effluence of any type may be discharged in any manner onto your license premises or the surrounding area. The burying of effluence, septic systems, or waste containers is strictly prohibited.

How often do I need to clean my campsite?

Campsites must be neatly maintained and kept free of litter, trash, junk, or scrap materials at all times. Further, all structures must be maintained in good visual and working order at all times. Campsites that fail to meet these basic requirements are subject to a fine and/or loss of campsite privileges.